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App Dev Club a club at UMD that prepares students for industry software development. Our student teams develop software for Fortune 500 companies that is being used every day. We also have a bootcamp to bring students up to speed on industry standard technologies and to connect them with career mentors.


We want to give a special shout-out to our corporate sponsors who are helping make our mission possible.

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Aidan Melvin image

Aidan Melvin

President & Project Lead
Samai Patel image

Samai Patel

Executive Director & Project Lead
Matt Gashaw image

Matt Gashaw

Vice President & Tech Lead
Hafsa Anwar image

Hafsa Anwar

Sourcing Director
Hannah Chan image

Hannah Chan

Sourcing Director
Trudy Sun image

Trudy Sun

Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager
Akshaj Gaur image

Akshaj Gaur

Senior Technical Advisor
Raghav Misra image

Raghav Misra

Director of Education and Staff Engineer
Kimber Gonzalez Lopez image

Kimber Gonzalez Lopez

Director of Education
April Porter image

April Porter

Director of Sponsorship
Sahaj Patel image

Sahaj Patel

Director of Sponsorship
Michael McDonald image

Michael McDonald

Director of Engagement
Aram Zaprosyan image

Aram Zaprosyan

Director of Engagement


Space Safety Visualizer

Fall 2023In collaboration with AmazonLearn more

Pattern of Life Application

Fall 2023In collaboration with Praxis Engineering, a GDIT companyLearn more


None yet! Check back later

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Aidan Melvin

App Dev had a really great semester, looking forward to seeing what we can do in the future!

Madeline Anson

AppDev has taught me a variety of new development software. I also love the community and support in the club!

Mouhamadou Dieng

Had a great time in the bootcamp. Definitely made it easy to transition into the amazon project

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Feel free to get in touch through the following methods:

Email: umdappdev[at]gmail[dot]com

Discord (join!): Directly message anyone with a leadership role.