Pattern of Life Application

In collaboration with Praxis Engineering, a GDIT company

Project Overview

The Fall 2023 GDIT project was a "pattern of life" understanding system. This Android application collects key data metrics from users including location, application usage, and message data and coallates it to form an understanding of a user's pattern of life.

Project Demo

Project Members

Aidan Melvin image

Aidan Melvin

Project Lead
Mohammad Abd-Elmoniem image

Mohammad Abd-Elmoniem

Tech Lead
Nishkal Hundia image

Nishkal Hundia

Tech Lead
Ojas Jagtap image

Ojas Jagtap

Full-stack Engineer
Josiah Lim image

Josiah Lim

ML Engineer
Om Duggineni image

Om Duggineni

Full-Stack Engineer
Dev Patel image

Dev Patel

Full-Stack Engineer
Ananth Sankaralingam image

Ananth Sankaralingam

Full-Stack Engineer
Advik Sachdeva image

Advik Sachdeva

Full-Stack Engineer
Rahul Ramasubramanian image

Rahul Ramasubramanian

Full-Stack Engineer

Project Sponsors

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Praxis Engineering, a GDIT company

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